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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greeting the day with Awe and Gratitude

The greatest gift I have ever received is my daughter Kalyra. She is my greatest spiritual teacher and every day I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be her mother. It is an absolute joy and honor to be in her presence.

My favorite daily moment with her is picking her up when she awakens from her sleep. It is that moment every day when I fully appreciate the depth of her soul and come to an acute awareness that that depth lies within each of us. I believe children have a much better ability to allow it to surface naturally and freely which is why they are so enjoyable to be around. A baby has not yet been conditioned by the people around them or the conditions of their life. They are so loving, so appreciative, so excited by life and in awe of it.

Her first words on waking is a soft gentle calling of 'Mummy, Mummy'. When I walk into her room she greeets me with a huge smile and a wave 'Hi Mummy!' She welcomes me as the best thing she has ever seen and she's so glad that I'm there.

My most delightful daily experience occurs when she then proceeds to tell me every word she knows. She points to everything in her room: the lights, the butterfly mobile and sunflower she made, the pictures of her feet and hands, her bears and toys and she exclaims a 'Wow!' and then names it.

Her awe at life shines through and the joy at her own cleverness to already know so much. And in my heart I say 'Wow!' Another profound lesson from a not yet 2 year old. Imagine what our day would be like if we started it in the same manner as Kalyra. If you awoke with a wide smile and an exuberant wave; so happy to be awake and greeting the day, making those around you feel special and welcome. You then begin the day in wonder and gratitude for the amazing things big and small that surround you and then you admire and smile at the greatness that exists inside yourself.

Too often as adults we think we know everything. Being a mother is the most humbling experience as I realize as an adult I have become so out of touch with the reality of our essence and the true meaning of a life spent in awe of the miracle that it is......

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