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Sunday, July 26, 2009

From the Struggle Comes the Ability to Fly

When setting goals and reaching for your dreams it is important that you focus solely on the end result that you want. You must put all your focus and energy into already having received that dream into your world. You must not focus on or worry about how your desires will be bought to you. That is the job of the Universe. You work together. You decide what you want, the Universe decides how it will come to you. The most important thing we need to do is ACT. Every thought, impulse or inspirational flashes must be acted upon immediately. That is the role each of you play to work synergistically and this is where the true power lies.

The problem is that a lot of people lack the faith in the Universe to do this. It's scary to not have the control especially when you can't see what is happening. The attainment of your goal will not come without challenges and upheaval, this is all part of the process too. And you need to recognise when you are in the midst of the storm and know how to weather it. You cannot quit! This is the only way you can fail, if you quit!

When you find yourself in this situation and you want to throw in the towel, you have to shut off your logical mind. Block it out, it doesn't know anything. It has to always be in control and that's not what you need to bring forth your dreams and desires; you need the power of the Universe to be in control.

When things don't seem or look like they are working, the best thing that you can do is get excited!! This means that the Universe has something bigger and better planned for you. Think about times in your life when this has happened before, the end result always works out better than the how you had planned in your mind. The Universe knows what is the best way to bring about your goals. This is the Universe's responsibility. What a relief that the Universe is going to take care of the hard stuff for you! It might want you, for whatever reason, to take many paths before you get to the end result- but you will get there.

When you focus on your desires you attract them in from the metaphysical world. When the desires cross the border into the physical world it meets tension. This is when things look like they aren't working out. There are rough seas. This is just a transition stage across the border. This is where most people give up, but you must remain steadfast in your belief in the attainment of your goals. Stay with your focus, let loose and just allow your desires to cross over to the physical side. If you focus continually on your ideal, it will come to you eventually.

A great analogy to help you understand how this works is that of the butterfly. When the butterfly comes out of it's cocoon, it goes through a great struggle trying to get out. This struggle is vital, as it strengthens the butterfly's wings, which allows it to fly. Without this struggle the butterfly would never survive.

From the struggle comes life, beauty, perfection and the ability to fly......

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