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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm sure some of you have already seen this great video that is spreading like wildfire around You Tube. If you haven't you need to watch it now. It is a great video that demonstrates the power of celebration. I felt an immediate uplifiting of joy when I watched this. What a great way to begin your married life.! These people really took the true meaning of celebration. They just let loose and showed how excited and overjoyed they felt for their loved ones marriage.

Can you imagine the excitement and energy that would have stayed with this wedding until the last drink was drunk? It will be a wedding that will be forever remembered by all attendees and bride and groom forever. This is what happens when you use the power of celebration. It catches everyone in it, and everyone has a wild and memorable time and that powerful energy continues to travel on long after the wedding is over.

Too often we get bogged down in tradition and what we're "supposed' to do by society's standards and forget what it's all about. And that just doesn' t relate to weddings, it relates to everything in life. It's all about just enjoying the moment, everything else is insignificant and will not be remembered.

Life should be a celebration- everyday! We should take everything that happens in our life, the good, the bad, the big, the small and just let go and celebrate it like these people did. We should be supporting each other and celebrating each other's joys and triumphs as well. Forget all your troubles and just celebrate. Let loose, turn on the music, jump around and dance like no one is watching. Be grateful for what you have and just celebrate life. It rocks!

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