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Friday, September 25, 2009

Positive and Negative Pheromones- What are You Going to Leave Behind?

I’ve been learning about positive and negative pheromones lately through my favorite teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer. These lessons resonated so deeply with me, arrived right in the midst of a powerfully uplifting pheromone experience, and allowed me to understand how they have impacted my life thus far.

Pheromones are particles of unseen energy that are emitted in moments of fear, and in its opposite, love. Well-documented studies have shown that when animals and humans, enter into a room or place where torture has taken place, they feel the painful and cruel energy that existed there. The fear that these pheromones leave behind impact the energy field so that it affects anyone who enters that space even years later.I understood what Dr Wayne Dyer was explaining here as I have been in many places where I have felt deeply the impact of these pheromones on the state of my well-being.

When traveling through Cambodia, a must-see on every traveler’s list is the Killing Fields. This is where at least 200,000 Cambodians were executed by the Khmer Rouge. Before going to the fields we visited the notorious ‘Security Prison 21.’ This was an old high school and it was the place many innocent people were taken to be interrogated and tortured.

Unimaginable pain and terror once existed within those walls and I felt it’s horror so intensely. Just thinking about it brings back the eerie and sickening feeling of that day. We left the torture chambers in deep shock, sickness and horror at how humans could treat one another. We decided we could not visit the Killing Fields and experience any more of what had happened there so many years ago. I just couldn’t experience the brutality of it anymore. All that we read and saw there could have been done through a book and we would never have felt what we did. After learning from Dr. Dyer this week, I now know that I felt so bad that day because of the cruel and painful energy field that was left behind by those tortured souls.

On the other end of the spectrum I have experienced the faster energy fields of love and happiness. We visited Biltmore Estate on the weekend, which is the largest house in America and home of the Vanderbilt Family, who were once the richest in the world. Positive, happy and loving energy fields radiated from the walls in there. You could just feel the joy of what once existed in that warm and welcoming home.

Leaving Biltmore Estate I was filled with a fuzzy warmth inside that signaled to me that a great time was had by anyone who was a guest of the Vanderbilt Family. I’d spent time in the opulence surroundings of the largest house in America, eaten a divine lunch in what was once the stables and finished the day with tastings of wine in the cellars. The pheromones of the place ignited my spirit and left me with thoughts of wealth and the pleasures that are so abundant in our world for us to share and experience. Within these walls once lived a family who loved each other deeply and shared this love and happiness with all who entered and spent time with them.

After learning about pheromones and my experiences today at Biltmore it became more apparent to me just why I am so addicted to and in love with travel. It is through the existence of these pheromones that I can experience life in the richness and fullness of it’s diversity. I can experience the pleasures and pain of so many lives that existed before my own.

I’ve visited places that are full of positive pheromones and I am so uplifted with joy and the power of the human spirit to create so much love. I live through the people that have come before me and I know what it’s like to explore and be the first to gaze upon incredible sights like Victoria Falls; build magnificent temples; play with intense joy or to triumph over adversity and love so deeply.

On the contrary, the pain that has existed in places before has been felt intensely by me upon visitation there also. These pulsing, negative pheromones have brought tears rolling down my cheeks and a sickness to my core. Through them I have felt the horrors of war, of torture, of sickness and poverty, or racial discrimination and hatred. Many times I’ve wanted to turn my back on humanity, stop the world and just get off.

But it is through experiencing each of these acutely (through these pheromones) and by being present in that pain that I have been able to understand what is important in life and from this develop my own personal code of ethics and belief. I know what I need to do to live my life so that I create a world that impacts by leaving only positive pheromones behind.

Do you? What are you choosing to leave behind each day?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gathering the Strength and Power to Move Forward to the Attainment of your Goals.

As you move along your path to the achievement of your goals there will be times when nothing happens. Everything seems to come to a standstill and there is no movement forward. You become disenchanted, unmotivated and your goals seem so far away and unattainable.

This is the most dangerous part of your mission. This is the time where most people quit as they feel it just won’t happen to them. You have to be aware when this is happening so that you too don’t succumb and quit too. This is momentary pause is not a signal to you that nothing is happening and its time to find another way.This pause is the moment where you need to re-gather and prepare as it’s when things are about to really fly for you.

I’ve been on over 100 hundred flights and still the scariest part for me is just after take-off when the engines seem to cut off and the plane seems to stall and I think that it is about to fall out of the sky. I panic every single time. But every single time after that momentary pause, the plane re-gathers, flattens out and moves forward. And every single time I have arrived safely to my destination.

What do you do then when you arrive at this moment? How do you overcome the fear and the thought that your goals are about to drop out of the skies and aren’t going to reach them?

First recognize what is happening. You are just having a pause to gather your strength. So gather your strength. Focus on why you are doing what you are doing and then do something. That something maybe just to put everything to the side while you take some time out. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s better to have a temporary time out than a permanent one. During your time out enjoy life. Do something fun that will ignite your passion again and remind you of what you want to do and are capable of.

At the moment when I let fear overcome my rational thoughts and I think the plane is going to fall from the sky I have to use all my strength to talk myself around to being calm. I’ll usually hold (squeeze) Craig’s hands to rely on his strength, affirm over and over again what I know to be true- all will be okay and I will get to where I want to go safely, if I just have enough faith. And there lies the key; having faith.

Have faith in what you are doing. Have faith in your ability to get where you need to go, even if you have to have some time out to get there.

During your momentary pause if you just go with it, you will come out refreshed and with even more power to excel your growth. Just stay with your goals. I’m just coming out of a momentary pause. Several big things have been surrounding my life lately- my daughter and husband’s birthdays, a house move, my husband’s parents visiting from Australia and so with that trips away and so forth. (Hence the absence of my blog posts recently).

At times I felt overwhelmed and frustrated by it all and my goals seemed pushed away. I felt all momentum slipping and with all this came the feelings that it was all to much and I just couldn’t do it. Luckily for me now, I recognize what this is and so I know what to do. First I accept it, then enjoy and deal with the other things going on in my life, do as much as I can do well and with enthusiasm and then get excited because now I know my plane is just re-gathering and is about to take off!!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Know for Yourself: Don’t Die With your Music Still Inside of you!


Don’t die with your music still in you’This has to be one of my favorite quotes. Dr. Wayne Dyer has inspired many to find and live their true purpose in life. He first got me asking the serious questions about my life; where it was going and where I wanted it to go. I was at the point of my life where soul was dying- I was not living my true purpose. I didn’t know what it was but I knew that inside of me was a great song that was dying to be played and I was afraid of never getting the chance to play it.

Dr. Dyer gave me what I needed to start playing the first note. I didn’t like the song my life was playing and knew that it was up to me to play a different tune. And so I began playing it. Step by step, I began to open up and allow my song to play. It is being composed each day as I flow with life and I am so grateful that my music is now being played and heard by others.

Being successful is not easy, you don’t hit every note right the first time but you continue to practice. I called upon the support and encouragement of a community of people to assist me along the way. I committed to learning all I could about what it took to be successful and know for myself what it was I came here to do.

What music did you come here to play? Inside of you is a special song that was orchestrated just for you. What is it? What is your song? What is your music? Why are you afraid to play it? The world needs to hear it- of course they do as it’s what you came here to do. The world needs you to develop you; to play your music to help make this world a better place. The world deserves to hear your song!

Your responsibility now is to yourself; to discover what your true purpose is. Education can help you to know this for yourself. Your future depends on you, the music you play depends on you. Whatever you choose to do, don’t choose to die with your music still in you. Don’t quit on you!

There is no excuse for not trying. Where you are now does not determine your future. You write your future, the notes are there, you’ve just got to play them. We all face challenges, sometimes we just need a little help with setting our goals and gaining confidence to know for yourself.

On this special day today 09-09-09 an extraordinary DVD, set to change the lives of many people was released. In it contains the very knowledge that I used and many other successful people, to learn how to play their music.  It will build your confidence, giving you the education and the tools you need to start living your true purpose.

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Get excited! This is the help you have been waiting for. Your music is dying to be played. It’s time for you to play it. Know for Yourself what your music will be.


Do Not Die with Your Music Still in You!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Get on the Field and Touchdown- Join the Evolution


We went to the UNC opening football match on Saturday. The stadium was a sea of electrifying blue, charging up the atmosphere with anticipation, celebration and downright fun! The Tar Heels exploded onto the field and spent the remaining four hours carving it up and smashing their opponents. Even though it really wasn’t a big game it felt like the biggest game of the year because of the charged up energy- the best is yet to come.

Just being there at the beginning of the season with all it’s charged up energy and excitement reminded me of what is happening right now with my business. We are launching tomorrow onto a new platform that is destined to transform the lives of thousands of people both financially and personally. There is so much  excitement and anticipation in the air, and we are all charged up for the season of growth that is to come. We are ready to drive our opponents all the way back as we take each player forward to score touchdown after touchdown. Just watch those firecrackers explode.

The question for you is are you going to be on the field experiencing all the guts and glory or are you going to remain in the nosebleed stands forever, looking on just wishing you could be part of the magic? We are taking things to a new level, changing the world one positive news story at a time and one millionaire at a time. You are in the right place, right time to join the evolution.


This is your chance to be there at the beginning of the season, to run out onto the field and make a difference. Information is one of the most consumed products on the planet and we are releasing an educational curriculum that will uplift, inspire and transform. Polaris Media group is about to become a household name. It’s time for you to get on the field and start running.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Have you ever Looked Fear in the Face and said ‘I just don’t care?’

A reminder to you today that in some area of your life right now you are the thunder before the lightning; the breathe before the kiss; the sun before the burn. You are at the defining moment of your life. The moment before the outcome of your destiny. What’s it going to be?

It’s time to look fear in the face and say ‘I just don’t care. I’m ready to be the lightning, I’m ready to be the kiss, I’m ready to be the burn and the flames'.’

This is just the tip of the iceberg- make that decision, do the thing you burn to do and have no regrets. Take that risk, just close your eyes and trust and throw that fistful of glitter in the air.