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Friday, September 25, 2009

Positive and Negative Pheromones- What are You Going to Leave Behind?

I’ve been learning about positive and negative pheromones lately through my favorite teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer. These lessons resonated so deeply with me, arrived right in the midst of a powerfully uplifting pheromone experience, and allowed me to understand how they have impacted my life thus far.

Pheromones are particles of unseen energy that are emitted in moments of fear, and in its opposite, love. Well-documented studies have shown that when animals and humans, enter into a room or place where torture has taken place, they feel the painful and cruel energy that existed there. The fear that these pheromones leave behind impact the energy field so that it affects anyone who enters that space even years later.I understood what Dr Wayne Dyer was explaining here as I have been in many places where I have felt deeply the impact of these pheromones on the state of my well-being.

When traveling through Cambodia, a must-see on every traveler’s list is the Killing Fields. This is where at least 200,000 Cambodians were executed by the Khmer Rouge. Before going to the fields we visited the notorious ‘Security Prison 21.’ This was an old high school and it was the place many innocent people were taken to be interrogated and tortured.

Unimaginable pain and terror once existed within those walls and I felt it’s horror so intensely. Just thinking about it brings back the eerie and sickening feeling of that day. We left the torture chambers in deep shock, sickness and horror at how humans could treat one another. We decided we could not visit the Killing Fields and experience any more of what had happened there so many years ago. I just couldn’t experience the brutality of it anymore. All that we read and saw there could have been done through a book and we would never have felt what we did. After learning from Dr. Dyer this week, I now know that I felt so bad that day because of the cruel and painful energy field that was left behind by those tortured souls.

On the other end of the spectrum I have experienced the faster energy fields of love and happiness. We visited Biltmore Estate on the weekend, which is the largest house in America and home of the Vanderbilt Family, who were once the richest in the world. Positive, happy and loving energy fields radiated from the walls in there. You could just feel the joy of what once existed in that warm and welcoming home.

Leaving Biltmore Estate I was filled with a fuzzy warmth inside that signaled to me that a great time was had by anyone who was a guest of the Vanderbilt Family. I’d spent time in the opulence surroundings of the largest house in America, eaten a divine lunch in what was once the stables and finished the day with tastings of wine in the cellars. The pheromones of the place ignited my spirit and left me with thoughts of wealth and the pleasures that are so abundant in our world for us to share and experience. Within these walls once lived a family who loved each other deeply and shared this love and happiness with all who entered and spent time with them.

After learning about pheromones and my experiences today at Biltmore it became more apparent to me just why I am so addicted to and in love with travel. It is through the existence of these pheromones that I can experience life in the richness and fullness of it’s diversity. I can experience the pleasures and pain of so many lives that existed before my own.

I’ve visited places that are full of positive pheromones and I am so uplifted with joy and the power of the human spirit to create so much love. I live through the people that have come before me and I know what it’s like to explore and be the first to gaze upon incredible sights like Victoria Falls; build magnificent temples; play with intense joy or to triumph over adversity and love so deeply.

On the contrary, the pain that has existed in places before has been felt intensely by me upon visitation there also. These pulsing, negative pheromones have brought tears rolling down my cheeks and a sickness to my core. Through them I have felt the horrors of war, of torture, of sickness and poverty, or racial discrimination and hatred. Many times I’ve wanted to turn my back on humanity, stop the world and just get off.

But it is through experiencing each of these acutely (through these pheromones) and by being present in that pain that I have been able to understand what is important in life and from this develop my own personal code of ethics and belief. I know what I need to do to live my life so that I create a world that impacts by leaving only positive pheromones behind.

Do you? What are you choosing to leave behind each day?

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