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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Know for Yourself: Don’t Die With your Music Still Inside of you!


Don’t die with your music still in you’This has to be one of my favorite quotes. Dr. Wayne Dyer has inspired many to find and live their true purpose in life. He first got me asking the serious questions about my life; where it was going and where I wanted it to go. I was at the point of my life where soul was dying- I was not living my true purpose. I didn’t know what it was but I knew that inside of me was a great song that was dying to be played and I was afraid of never getting the chance to play it.

Dr. Dyer gave me what I needed to start playing the first note. I didn’t like the song my life was playing and knew that it was up to me to play a different tune. And so I began playing it. Step by step, I began to open up and allow my song to play. It is being composed each day as I flow with life and I am so grateful that my music is now being played and heard by others.

Being successful is not easy, you don’t hit every note right the first time but you continue to practice. I called upon the support and encouragement of a community of people to assist me along the way. I committed to learning all I could about what it took to be successful and know for myself what it was I came here to do.

What music did you come here to play? Inside of you is a special song that was orchestrated just for you. What is it? What is your song? What is your music? Why are you afraid to play it? The world needs to hear it- of course they do as it’s what you came here to do. The world needs you to develop you; to play your music to help make this world a better place. The world deserves to hear your song!

Your responsibility now is to yourself; to discover what your true purpose is. Education can help you to know this for yourself. Your future depends on you, the music you play depends on you. Whatever you choose to do, don’t choose to die with your music still in you. Don’t quit on you!

There is no excuse for not trying. Where you are now does not determine your future. You write your future, the notes are there, you’ve just got to play them. We all face challenges, sometimes we just need a little help with setting our goals and gaining confidence to know for yourself.

On this special day today 09-09-09 an extraordinary DVD, set to change the lives of many people was released. In it contains the very knowledge that I used and many other successful people, to learn how to play their music.  It will build your confidence, giving you the education and the tools you need to start living your true purpose.

You can receive a $5 discount by entering the coupon code: 147551 at http://www.KnowforYourself.com

Get excited! This is the help you have been waiting for. Your music is dying to be played. It’s time for you to play it. Know for Yourself what your music will be.


Do Not Die with Your Music Still in You!

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