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Monday, September 7, 2009

Get on the Field and Touchdown- Join the Evolution


We went to the UNC opening football match on Saturday. The stadium was a sea of electrifying blue, charging up the atmosphere with anticipation, celebration and downright fun! The Tar Heels exploded onto the field and spent the remaining four hours carving it up and smashing their opponents. Even though it really wasn’t a big game it felt like the biggest game of the year because of the charged up energy- the best is yet to come.

Just being there at the beginning of the season with all it’s charged up energy and excitement reminded me of what is happening right now with my business. We are launching tomorrow onto a new platform that is destined to transform the lives of thousands of people both financially and personally. There is so much  excitement and anticipation in the air, and we are all charged up for the season of growth that is to come. We are ready to drive our opponents all the way back as we take each player forward to score touchdown after touchdown. Just watch those firecrackers explode.

The question for you is are you going to be on the field experiencing all the guts and glory or are you going to remain in the nosebleed stands forever, looking on just wishing you could be part of the magic? We are taking things to a new level, changing the world one positive news story at a time and one millionaire at a time. You are in the right place, right time to join the evolution.


This is your chance to be there at the beginning of the season, to run out onto the field and make a difference. Information is one of the most consumed products on the planet and we are releasing an educational curriculum that will uplift, inspire and transform. Polaris Media group is about to become a household name. It’s time for you to get on the field and start running.

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