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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation Techniques for Beginners.

If you haven't started meditating yet but would really like to then my latest blog post series are for you to read.
Even if you haven't considered meditating yet you really should. The physical and mental benefits have been well documented. I steered clear of it for many years terrified of the fact that I would have to sit still and try to stop thinking. To me this was impossible so I never even tried.

But then I kept being pushed by the Universe to try it so I researched it a bit and discovered some tips on meditation to start with and remove my fear. Meditation really isn't that scary and you don't have to worry about sending your mind in to blank nothingness. It is such a peaceful place and once you start your long for it more and more!

So I'm putting together some very simple strategies and techniques that I started with to help you get started.


  1. I like meditating during tough times but didn’t have any strategies how. Thanks to your post.

  2. Thanks for the nice tips on meditation. Meditation bind man with god.